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Acupuncture is the main modality of Traditional Chinese Medicine that I use, however there are other accessory techniques often used during a treatment. Together we will determine which techniques are best suited for your individual needs. If you are coming in for an acupuncture treatment the price includes all modalities deemed necessary, however just cupping, gua sha, herbal consultations are also available individually upon request.



Involves the use of thin, hair follicle sized needles which are placed in order to stimulate acupuncture points located along specific channels throughout the body. Each point has a specific location and function and have been known to help alleviate an infinite array of ailments for thousands of years. Chinese medicine is a complex system of medicine that treats the mind, body, and spirit as one.

This medicine is unique in that it focuses on treating the root cause of your symptoms. For example, working on tight neck and shoulder muscles that are a result of stress, which is also affecting your sleep and so on. Although we can't take the stressors of life away, we change how our body as a whole reacts to stress. 

It's essentially a glorified nap that will leave you feeling rested yet rejuvenated.


Cupping is essentially a reverse deep tissue massage. This ancient technique has been used around the world for thousands of years. Today we mostly use cupping therapy to treat pain and tightness and to release adhesions in the muscles and fascia. Historically and still today, it is used to treat things like Tuberculosis, and is effective at alleviating congestion in the chest or anywhere in the body really.

It leaves behind a healing bruise, but the darker the marks the better, that is just the stagnant blood and lactic acid that has been sitting in the muscle that is causing you pain. The muscle is then able to be nourished with fresh blood and oxygen and function is restored.

After a cupping session it is important to drink plenty of water and to keep the marks covered as best as you can. Each patient varies but the marks generally take 5-7 days to resolve, depending on individual constitution and severity of the injury.

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Gua Sha

Translated as scraping is a technique that is used on the body to release muscular tension and adhesions, it works especially well on smaller  muscles such as the neck and forearms.

Additionally gua sha can be used and thought of as a gentle massage for the face. This technique is effective in increasing blood and lymph circulation. It is a natural way to help sculpt, lift, and tone muscles in the face. 

Cosmetic Acupuncture

Cosmetic acupuncture is like a holistic subtle facelift, and it is one of the few healthy procedures you can receive for your skin. Utilizing the Mei Zen system, acupuncture points in both the face and body are stimulated, balancing your body from the inside out. You get a full body acupuncture treatment while increasing blood and lymph circulation. It also works by stimulating the dermis layer of the skin, where all the "good stuff"  like collagen, elastin and fibrin are located. The stimulation of skin cells by acupuncture strengthens the cellular matrix and creates a tightening and lifting effect. It also helps to increase the rate in which your skin cells turn over. Patients can expect a brighter, glowing and more even complexion. It reduces puffiness under the eyes, and also helps to define cheek and jawbones. Some fine lines and wrinkles may disappear, deeper lines will fill in.


Herbal medicine

Chinese Herbal medicine is a powerful and great way to keep the effects of treatment going. Similar to acupuncture, in school we learn that each herb has a specific function, flavor, temperature, and goes to specific acupuncture channels. Each formula is crafted for the individual based on their TCM pattern diagnosis. There are several ways to take a formula the various forms are: raw, granules, tea pills, and also tinctures (glycerin or alcohol based). I do not have an herbal pharmacy on site, however I use a company called Crane Herbs, have quality products and ship right to your door after I place the order. When ordering herbal medicine it is important to know the source and not use Amazon etc.

Workshops / Private Events

Gather a group of your favorite people and learn some self healing techniques together. During the class I will show you a facial gua sha and cupping routine you can add to your self care routine. Acupuncture and cupping parties are available upon request as well. Please message me for more details.

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